In the beginning

A couple of months ago the only spirits in this house were gifts of Scotch, some cognac bought cheaply to use up foreign money on holiday, and Pedro Ximenez leftover from making Christmas pudding. Plus a super sized bottle of cheap vodka for when friends came over for BBQs. I’m a beer and cider drinker for the most part. Alcohol has never really existed for me for any purpose other than to get wasted. I used to go out most weekends and get hammered on beer and shots. There were some cocktails in there, but just jugs of Woo Woo and Blue Lagoon and Sex on the Beach designed to appeal to people getting drunk. No sophisticated drinks designed to be appreciated, or even really tasted. I have no idea what a Martini is, other than a brand of vermouth. I’ve never even had a drink out of a martini glass.

Now I have a glut of spirits at home after getting lots in for guests at Christmas. Some of it got drunk, none of it by me. I don’t like tonic water and I don’t really like cola, and that is where my drink imagination ends. I downloaded a cocktail app to get some inspiration, and went off down a rabbit hole. This is intended to be my log of a journey into the world of alcohol that hasn’t so far existed for me – that is the one that doesn’t involve the intention to get mindlessly drunk.

I have a tendency to get deeply obsessed and addicted to subjects and hobbies, and another one of blowing large amounts of money. Making cocktails seems a pretty good way of doing both. I drew up an ever lengthening list of things I’d need, or just want, and went shopping.

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