Campari on my Mind

I haven’t buried my bottle of Campari in the garden, tempting though it was. It’s been bothering me that I hated the Negroni so much. I’d like to get an appreciation for the art of making drinks, and it seems remiss to not make an effort to understand an important classic.

I read this article about learning to love bitter drinks.

Without wanting to sound all doom and gloom, there are problems I can foresee with following the article’s advice.

Vermouth. Myself and a friend used to drink a bottle of red vermouth before hitting the bars, as a cheap way to get maximum drunk at uni. Cue lots of red vomit at the time, and a turning of the stomach thinking about it. I think facing Martini Rosso will be more problematic than Southern Comfort was.

Aperol Spritz. I have a real detestation of white wine, including prosecco, champagne and anything along those lines.

I drink my coffee (and tea) very milky or creamy, and with a metric ton of sugar. I love sweet things. I still sometimes add cordial or lemonade to the top of lager to sweeten it. I might be a lost cause and destined never to like these drinks.

On the positive side, Aperol is cheap. I’ll get a bottle and try some suggested cocktails containing it. Also, it is not one of the herbal liqueurs listed, but I do remember a bottle of some similar weird stuff from my childhood which I liked (we were offered alcohol at or after dinner as kids, and this was totally normal and legal. Drambuie was my favourite.) A quick search, and Montenegro Amaro looks like the bottle I remember, though I can’t be sure.

Most importantly, the article makes me feel less like an unsophisticated bumpkin for not “getting” Campari on first try.

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