(Not) Dark ‘n’ Stormy

I had a couple of people over on Saturday night and wanted something everyone would like and I could churn out without things getting complicated.

I don’t have any black rum. It’s probably a crime to make this drink without it, but this is what I did.  A Light and Stormy I guess. I also left out the sugar syrup from the recipe I have, because the spiced rum seems quite sweet anyway.

  • 1 oz golden rum
  • 1 oz spiced rum
  • 1 oz lime juice
  • Top up with ginger beer

Shake all the ingredients except the ginger beer with ice, then strain into a tall glass (highball) over ice. Top with the ginger beer.

This is the best drink so far, which I suppose shows my cocktail ignorance as it is so basic and likeable.

I’ve got to confess to being a huge fan of ginger beer. My former boss used to make it and bring bottles to work, and it was like crack to me. I’m happy with spicy anything, and this has a bite to it which I love.

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