I've been unable to shake a foul cold, so naturally I've turned to the drinks cabinet for help. 2 1/2 oz Scotch 1/2 oz Ginger liqueur 3/4 oz Lime juice 3/4 oz Honey syrup Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into an ice-filled tumbler. I used 1 shot of a single malt and the … Continue reading Penicillin

Loch Almond

1.5 oz Scotch 1.5 oz Amaretto Ginger ale to top Pour into tall ice-filled glass (highball) and stir. I have never tried amaretto, but liquid, alcoholic marzipan sounds right up my street. I like whisky and ginger. This should be a perfect, easy drink to road test the amaretto which arrived recently. I found it … Continue reading Loch Almond