Oh Gosh!

This drink was created by Tony Conigliaro in 2001 at the Isola bar in London, England. The name apparently comes from a customer requesting a twist on a daiquiri, and when tasting it exclaiming "Oh, gosh!". It's a nice story, but it sounds a bit trite to be true. I'm a cynic though, and I'm … Continue reading Oh Gosh!

Tick of the Clock

This drink was created by Joe Robinson at the Standby in Detroit, USA. It is still on the menu there. 1½ oz Blanco tequila 1 oz Lime juice 1 oz Ginger syrup ¼ oz Angostura bitters Shake all the ingredients with ice, then strain into a tumbler filled with ice. Garnish with a mint sprig … Continue reading Tick of the Clock


I work outdoors and it was recently blackberry season, so it would be lax not to make use of them in a cocktail. I've been side-eyeing the Blackbeard for a while, curious and slightly concerned about using a savoury spiced liqueur. However, I don't have aquavit. I do have some homemade kummel, and assumed the … Continue reading Blackbeard

Pegu Club

The Pegu Club was a private club for British Army officers and staff in Yangon (formerly Rangoon) in Myanmar (formerly Burma.) Following three wars, Burma was part of the British Empire until gaining independence in 1947. The club was built in the 1880s, and while I can't find when it closed, it has definitely gone … Continue reading Pegu Club